EOTC audit promotion

We have joined forces with EONZ to develop two new audit products for schools who require safety assurance for educational activities they provide outside of the classroom.

The EOTC audits will ensure the safety of the school and its students during EOTC activities. The school’s safety management system will be audited to ensure it is suitable for the activities being undertaken, and meets the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA).

Tools to assist schools with EOTC activities have been developed by EONZ. These resources align with the audit requirements, and can be accessed here (appendix 4 and 5).

The audits reflect the best practice outlined in the EOTC Guidelines ‘Bringing the Curriculum Alive’. We realise that schools have unique safety systems, and we are here to provide guidance and confirmation that these systems are robust and workable.

The audits are:

EOTC Document Review

This is a full review of the safety management documentation to ensure it complies with the EOTC guidelines. It does not require a site visit as the documents will be sent to the auditor to complete the review. This is a less costly option and good for schools with lower risk activities or as a starting point for moving towards a full Outdoor Education Audit. EOTC Outdoor Education Audit

This includes the document review above and the sampling of activities and system implementation on site. The time taken for this can depend on the number and nature of the activities the school offers. This audit provides a thorough review of the EOTC requirements, providing confidence in the design and implementation of the programmes schools offer.

How do you know you’re ready for an audit?

It’s always difficult to know if you are ready for an audit, and it can be an expensive exercise if you are not able to achieve certification. We recognise this, so we have consultants who can assist in the preparation of your safety management system and provide guidance in what is required, prior to the audit. Consultants are a cheaper way of gaining this guidance than through an auditor. They will help ensure that you are prepared for the audit, and can save you time and money.

How can we help?

As these are new audit products, we are keen to ensure you are well prepared, and the audit is as transparent as possible. To assist with this, we will pay for three hours of our consultant’s time when you sign up to complete an EOTC audit. You will have access to one of our experienced auditors, as a consultant, for as long as you need, and QualWorx will deduct three hours of their time ($300) from the cost of your audit. This allows you to ensure you are prepared for the audit

prior to committing. When you start the audit, an auditor will be allocated to you and they will discuss the progress with the consultant to ensure they are fully aware of your safety management plans prior to starting the audit. If you decide not to continue with an audit at this stage that’s fine – you will still have gained some good advice at a cost that is less than entering into an audit.

If you would like to take advantage of this promotion or know more about how it can work for you please contact us now.

Matt Phillips