Dave's top tips for a successful re-certification


With re-certification looming, here are some tips from Dave, our audit coordinator, that will assist you to be as prepared as possible. Being prepared will help keep time and costs down.

Start planning now

Read through your original audit report and check you have the evidence required. Take note of any suggestions included in the report from your auditor as these may be helpful for preparation.

Be familiar with your SMS

Make sure you and your staff are familiar with your SMS and are implementing it correctly. It’s important that staff know the timeframes and processes included in the SMS.

Keep up with changes

There have been changes to the Health and Safety at Work (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2016. Your SMS will need to reflect these changes, and you will also need to show implementation. The sooner you have updated your SMS, the more evidence you will have of “implementation”.

Manage your finances

Check your budget. We know this is a large expense, so make sure you have allocated funding. If you are concerned about the cost let us know; we are able to make arrangements for staggered payments if necessary.

Be realistic

Be realistic about the time this will take to prepare. This is no small undertaking and it will take time to get everything ready. Start by allocating time in your staff meetings or office time to review the SMS, and preparing the evidence that demonstrates your safety systems.

Check what's covered

If your operation has changed over the three years since your initial audit, check to see if your activities are now covered under the regulations. Calling WorkSafe (0800 030 040) can help clarify what is covered.


Schedule in any technical advisor sessions, both internally with reviews, and externally with staff training, competency and scenario training.

Schedule any external maintenance checks. This could be engineer’s reports for instance, or an arborist for tree-based activities.

You will be contacted by OutdoorsMark during the development of the estimates for your audit. Take the time to talk us through your operation and ask any questions you have. This is when we determine the most compatible audit staff for your operation, so it’s important we know as much as possible about you.

Matt Phillips